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July 30, 2016

Your choice of Gift.

Order over $75 or over $150 to qualify for your gift.

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A few of the popular items you may wish to consider

Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle


Pliny The Elder Clone Recipe


Copper Immersion Wort Chiller 25ft


Dual Faucet Jockey Box



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July 29, 2016

A little of this and some of that, for your brewing area.

Check out the complete list and update your brewing area.


4-Way Secondary Air Regulator - Pass Through

4-Way Secondary Air Regulator - Pass Through

This four-way secondary keg regulator gives you the power to set unique pressures for up to four kegs at once for easy, accurate dispensing of all your different varieties of beer. Each individual gauge even has its own shut-off switch to offer you complete control over your dispensing options.s

Now $170.99

Was $191.29

Leland CO2 Picnic Beer Tap

Leland CO2 Picnic Tap

It's time to find a new bicep workout because with the Leland CO2 PicnicTap™ you'll never again waste precious party time at a pain-in-the-butt pump!

Now $212.00

Was $229.99

WineWatch Electronic Wine Bottle Thermometer - Silver

WineWatch Electronic Wine Bottle Thermometer - Silver

With a wristwatch style design and a soft touch rubber body it fits right around your bottle and determines the temperature of the wine inside.

Now $14.99

Was $19.99


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July 29, 2016

Wine Kits and Beer Kits on sale this weekend!

A quick sale for the weekend so you can browse and select a new wine or beer to add to your cellar.

40% Discount on Wine Kits

A large selection of wine kits available for stocking up with your favorite and inexpensive enough to get one or two you've been wanting to try.

Below are a few of the wine kit categories available in this sale.



And Beer Kits are also on Sale this weekend!

35% Discount on Beer Kits

Give yourself the present of a Beer Kit or two or more.



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July 28, 2016

$20 Off the Spike Brewing Kettles



Spike Brewing has revolutionized the world of brewing with their top-of-the-line brew kettles. Made from the best 304 stainless steel,

this kettle features a 1.2 mm thick wall, making it the thickest kettle on the market. Spike went all the way to provide the best product possible, so they welded the fittings that are included; that means no more leaky, low-quality weldless fittings! For all of you induction brewers, we have some good news for you!

Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle - One Coupler

Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle - Two Horizontal Couplers

Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle - Two Vertical Couplers

Spike Brewing 10 Gallon Kettle - 2 Couplers & SightGlass






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July 28, 2016

Every MoreBeer! ingredient kit is designed for a post-boil volume of 5.5 gallons, meaning a full 5 gallons after fermentation! Beer yeast is not included in the beer-making recipe kits and will have to be ordered separately. Each kit does include recommended guidelines for the best yeast to go with that specific kit.


Malt Extract Beer Recipe Kits

Pre-measured ingredients, an instruction sheet and a recipe log sheet are all standard inclusions in every malt extract kit. MoreBeer! sells kits designed as ales, lagers and specialty beers.

All Grain Beer Recipe Kits

All Grain Beer Recipe Kits differ from malt extract kits or mini mash kits in that the home brewer employs the practice of mashing. Mashing is the process where malted grains are soaked in hot water. The heat activates naturally present enzymes that then convert starch to sugars. You then rinse the sugar out to create your sweet wort. All Grain recipe kits are available for ales, lagers and specialty beers.

Mini Mash Beer Recipe Kits

Mini-mash (or partial-mash) brewing is a blend between extract and all grain brewing. It also allows you to work with some grain types that don't steep well. You can find Mini Mash Beer Recipe Kits at MoreBeer! with 5 to 7 pounds of liquid malt extract and 4 to 6 pounds of grain. Mini Mash Beer Kits, which come with comprehensive and clear instructions, are an ideal introduction to all-grain brewing. Undertaking a mini-mash enables you to utilize grains that have to be mashed without having to do all grain brewing. Even without getting all the sugar you possibly could, the beer is still likely to turn out great.

Gluten Free Kits & Ingredients

If you have celiac disease or an allergy to wheat, it no longer means you have to swear off drinking beer. MoreBeer! has introduced Gluten Free Beer Recipe Kits. Three different kits for brewing your own beer at home are now gluten free: Gluten Free Light Ale Extract, Gluten Free Amber Ale Extract and Gluten Free Honey Ale Extract. These kits have no barley or wheat among their ingredients, but blends of sorghum extract, dried rice extract, honey and Belgian candi syrup serve as suitable "stand-ins" for malt extract. Some hops are still part of the recipes because of their ability to cut through beers that do not contain malt.


To view kits and place your order, click here!


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July 27, 2016


Full Size Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator


Serve up cold draft beer in the comfort of your own home using the EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator (KC7000SS).

List Price: $1,732.00


Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator Secondary Image
List Price: $1,865.33


Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Stainless Steel Kegerator Primary Image
List Price: $1,998.67



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July 26, 2016




DOT is engineered to do one thing really well. Set your target temperature with the up or down buttons, insert the probe in your food, and DOT beeps when it gets there. Simple as that. Hit any button and the beeping stops. The display still flashes till your temperature drops below the setpoint. DOT uses any of the Pro-Series probes designed for our popular ChefAlarm.


ON SALE!  Normally $39



ThermaQ Kit

Kit includes ThermaQ (with boot) and two of our more popular probes for grilling and roasting; the Smokehouse Penetration probe, and the High Temp Ambient Air probe with Grate Clip. Monitor meat to your preferred doneness temperature with the Smokehouse probe, and track the ambient temperature of the oven or smoker with the Air probe. Both probes feature a stainless steel over braid. Buy the kit and save $30.


ON SALE!  Save $58.20! Kit Value $235



ThermaQ® 2 Channel Thermocouple Alarm

ThermaQ Dual Channel Alarm (probes sold separately)

ThermaQ reads two temperatures at once from professional Type K Thermocouple probes. Designed for competition BBQ teams and chef-level Sous Vide cooking, the ThermaQ provides settable high and low alarms for both channels.


Meter only (Boot Included)
ON SALE!  Normally $139


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