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June 30, 2016

Only until MIDNIGHT today!


Draft Brewer® Flex Keg System

Draft Brewer® Flex System w/ CO2PO Double Body CO2 Regulator

The Draft Brewer® Flex System is ready out-of-the-box to get your taproom up and running. Start serving and sharing two brews within just days of receiving your new system.


Brew Share Enjoy™ Homebrew Starter Kit

Brew. Share. Enjoy™ Homebrew Starter Kit

This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start brewing today including our Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit.


All the details and many more items are available HERE!


Price: Varies | Save: Varies

June 30, 2016

Hops and Beer and Wine, Oh My!

All of these are on sale!


Hops. The main bittering agent in beer. We carry a huge line of hop varietals from Hop Union to suit any brewers needs. The freshest hops for your next homebrewing endeavor. All hops are from Hop Union.


Beer Kit Sale! 35% OFF!

Your choice of beer kits at a 35% off discount. grab them while they are in stock, while supplies last.

All the ingredients you need to brew up a batch of homebrew.


Wine Kits! 40% off!

A great deal for your wine making enjoyment.

* As always wine kits with a mandatory advertised price are NOT included in this sale,

Price: Varies | Save: Varies

June 29, 2016

Expiration Dates Still Good

Distributor Discontinuing



NorthWestern Malt Extract is the freshest malt extract on the market today. It’s due to their direct delivery system. By selling direct to Southern Homebrew, Northwestern sells the freshest product with the highest quality available.

All syrups are machine packaged, piston injector filled, nitrogen purged, and shipped directly to Southern Homebrew.

Regular Price: $12.95

Sale price: $5.18

Price: $5.18 | Save: 60%

June 29, 2016

5 Gallon Keg for only $19 when ordering at least $150.

Fully cleaned and pressure tested these Refurbished Ball Lock Kegs are ready to save you a little cash and make it so you never have to bottle 5 gallons of beer again.

These kegs are stainless steel to make sanitization a breeze with a rubber base and handle for easy transportation. Use these kegs not only for beer, but for serving wine, cold-pressed coffee, kombucha, or whatever you're feeling.


Simply add up your cart to $150, plus a refurbished ball lock keg, and visit the checkout page to automatically receive your discount.

Get 'em while their hot!

Price: Varies | Save: $40

June 28, 2016

Popular homebrew supplies on sale!

Kegs, fermenters, burners, faucets, kits and all grain brewing supplies on sale now.

Two Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot

Two Weld 8 Gallon (32 qt) Stainless Steel Pot

18 Gauge 8 gallon pot with two welded 1/2" female full coupling and lid.

$79.99  $49.99


Used 15.5 Keggle with Coupling

Used 15.5  Keggle with Coupling

These are used half barrels that we've had the top removed (12" diameter) and a full 1/2" female coupling welded in each. Acid dipped to clean after top cut out. Lids are NOT included, but are optional.

$139.99  $99.99


Bottle and Carboy Washer

Bottle and Carboy Washer

This Carboy/Bottle Washer emits a high jet powered spray making cleaning and rinsing bottles/carboys simple.

$10.49  $6.49







Price: Varies | Save: Varies

June 28, 2016

$4 Flat Rate Shipping on the qualifying items!


Dark Star® Burner 2.0

Dark Star® Burner 2.0

Dark Star® 2.0 is a whole new beast of a burner. Faster full-volume boil. A bigger, better built-in wind guard. Easy to use banjo-style burner loaded with 65,000 BTUs of brewing power for better beer in a fraction of the time.


Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture

Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture

An innovative design delivers a structure both powerful and portable. Sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, the Center of Gravity® brew stand weighs only 90 lbs. It is easy to move and even travel with—break it down and throw it in the trunk of your car for the ultimate brewcation!


And many more items available for the flat rate shipping.

Just click and choose!



Offer valid 72 hours, online only, through 11:59 pm CST on 6/30/2016 or while supplies last.


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June 27, 2016

$17.76 Off your American Revolution IPA

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Hoppiness in honor of 4th of July Celebrations!


IPA 17.76 off


Austin Homebrew Supply celebrates our nation's independence with beer. Our Revolution IPA is a melting pot of hops with American Columbus and Liberty, and English Pilgrim and Progress. Because hey, wouldn't have been much of an American Revolution without the English. Drink and be proud!



El Siguiente Kegging System On Sale: Only $121.99

El Siguiente Ball Lock Keg System (USED KEG)

Dispense homebrew from one keg with picnic faucets. This kit has MFL fittings that allow for easy switching between ball lock disconnects, pin lock disconnects, and sankey couplers (with easy switch fittings). This kit includes a dual gauge regulator with both low and high pressure gauges on it.


Price: Varies | Save: $17.76

June 26, 2016

Stock up on Liquid Brewing Yeast while this discount is in effect!

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Here is an example of the liquid yeast available discount!

Brewing yeasts are a live eukaryotic microorganism from the fungi family that are used in the process of fermenting beers, wines, and other alcoholic beverages. The yeast will feed off of the sugars in your beer/wine/etc. that will then convert the carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and alcohols, providing the beverage with it's alcoholic content.


Check out all the possibilities here!

Price: Varies | Save: 25%