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April 30, 2016

Time to stock up on DME, so you'll be ready for those spur-of -the-moment brews.

Discounted DME


10 lbs hops images

Muntons Dark DME - 10 Pounds

Muntons Dark Dry Malt Extract - Add to any Stout, Porter or Brown Ale. Improves body and adds an extra rich malt flavoring and natural color.

Muntons Extra Dark DME - 10 Pounds

Muntons' Extra Dark Dry Malt Extract improves body, and adds an extra rich malt flavoring and natural color.

Briess Traditional Dark DME - 10 Pounds

Briess Traditional Dark DME (dry malt extract) is 100% pure malted barley extract made from 100% malt and water. It can be used in the production of all extract beer styles, and to adjust the color, flavor and gravity of all-grain beers.


And to help you keep improving your brew, our Learn section brings you:




Carbonation affects all aspects of a beer including flavor, aroma, appearance, and mouth feel.


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April 30, 2016

Clearance Sale Starts now at Southern Homebrew!!


holiday preorders wine


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We need to make room for this 2016's inventory and only have a few of these kits remaining. Jump all over this folks!!
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Pink Moscato
Pre-Order Pricing Deadline ->>> May 11th 1:00PM!
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April 28, 2016

Succulent Roasted Chicken for your Mom on Mother's Day.   Following the information below, you can have a safe chicken but not dry it.

"The FDA Food Code recommends cooking chicken to 165°F (74°C). But the pasteurization of chicken is actually a function of both temperature and time. If you can hold your chicken at 145°F (63°C) for 8.5 minutes, you can achieve the same bacterial reduction as at 165°F (74°C)."    from  THE FOOD LAB recipe book.


The Real Test: How Did it Taste? 

Because the chicken was cooked to a lower temperature, the meat retained more moisture and the result was a juicy and succulent piece of chicken—not a dry bit to be found! Not only was the meat extremely juicy, but the measures taken with drying the meat and separating, oiling and salting the skin, made for crackling-crisp skin. Some of our very willing taste-testing subjects commented this was the best roasted chicken they’d ever tasted. 

Now for your turn to impress your Mom on Mother's day.

Shop here!

April 28, 2016

Big Brew Day is May 7th, just a little more than a week away.   Time to check your ingredients to make sure you have all you need to brew all day!     For the next 48 hours, we are offering a 10% discount on selected ingredients.

Use the promo code BIGBREW10 by Friday, April 29th, and save 10% on all ingredients found in the link below.


big brew day


10% Discount Sales list.


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April 27, 2016

The name of this wheat beer just begs to be featured for the hot weather season.


Watermelon Wheat beer


Doesn't that sound refreshing on a hot day after working on the car, mowing the lawn, or taking the kids to the soccer games?   It's light and fruit forward, this beer is great for summer and full of refreshing watermelon flavor.

And not to be left out there is Summer Ale, a crisp and refreshing ale that is constructed using bitter orange and lemon peel.

summer ale

And don't forget the Belgian Caramel Wit Beer, a refreshing seasonal ale that is similar to a white ale, but darker with a honey sweetness that complement the spicy characteristics from the yeast.

belgian carmel


Now that we've got your taste buds turned on,

here is where to purchase these delightful seasonal brew kits.

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April 27, 2016

With 30% off brewing equipment now is the time to upgrade your beer, wine and ales equipment. Also a great time to consider what your brewing friends need to finish off their equipment, any of these items would make a great gift.

Label peelers wort chiller 4-27-16

This discount applies to their extensive list of  equipment.   From the containers to brew in, corks, carboys, cappers,  burners, bottle washers and much more.   The list is long!  If you cannot find something you need, you must already have an amazing brew area.


Price: Varies | Save: 30% discount

April 26, 2016

One Week left to order this Hippie Farm Lemon Lavender Saison brewing kit. The mixture of lemon and lavender create a refreshing light farmhouse saison, perfect for these long hot afternoons.

Well, prepare to get crazy by adding a saison yeast to give it some wonderful fruit and phenolic characteristics that really make this beer shine. Delicious and a little off the beaten path, make your reservation at the Hippie Farm and relax with this light, zesty beer!

Lemon Lavender brewing kit


Price: Varies | Save: Varies

April 25, 2016

Our usual Free shipping on orders $75 or more has been lowered to all orders $50 or over, April 25th only.

Love2brew 50 shipping 4-25-16

Time to check the brewing pantry for items you've been wishing for and held off purchasing.  With the savings on shipping today you can get that one more item that you've been wishing to acquire.  And remember, only 2 weeks until Mother's Day and much of these brewing items would be helpful to her in the kitchen cooking up tasty treats.

Learn more about our shipping policy is HERE.



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April 23, 2016

Some friends choose their favorite wine kits when we offer a discount, some try their favorite and a new one to experiment with.   The really adventurous choose two new kits when we offer discounts.

HBS winexpertgreenapplereislingislandmistwinerecipekitHBS  winexperteclipsenapavalleystagsleapmerlotwithgrapeswinerecipekit



Now that you've chosen your 2 or more wine kits it is time to choose that Wine Corker at 50% off.    Will it be one of the high end ones that you've been saving to add to your brewing equipment?  Now more affordable at 50% off.



Maybe you're just starting and don't want to put to many $$ into the project until you decide it's something that will be your new hobby.

So a basic corker may be the one that you will choose.



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April 22, 2016

Mother's Day is only 2 weeks away and now is the time to order the gifts you plan to present to your favorite Mom.


Thermoworks mothers day items


To make that luscious cake shown above, we started with this book that just happens to be discounted 40%.


Thermoworks cake book

Get your book here.

The next item is the kitchen efficient ThermoPop Digital thermometer

thermopop_purple_z_b-150x150And if purple is not your Mom's favorite color we have 9 different colors that you can choose from.

This is where to get the ThermoPop 

Next we are going to add the Silicone Hot Pat to cool that cake on, and it's great to sit all your hot brewing pots on.

thermoworks silicon-trivet-150x150

Silicone Hot pad here

Price: Varies | Save: Varies